Android FAQs

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Questions & answers

1How do I create a plan?
In order to create a plan, advance to the mobile or roaming plan creation screen. Select a plan and make sure that you have set a plan type, a plan starting and renewal date as well as your plan limit.

Once all fields are complete, press the back button.
2My Data Manager has stopped counting data and the app is closing by itself?
New Smartphone operating system comes with Battery saving/optimisation feature. This feature adversely affect the performance of My Data Manager by killing the app which results in MDM not counting data. We recommend to disable this feature to have My Data Manager counting the data and to keep you informed about your usage. You can disable the battery optimisation by going to the Settings → Battery → App Launch → My Data Manager -->Change it to ‘manage manually’.
3What are alarms and how do they work?
Alarms alert you when you’ve used the configured amounts of data to help ensure you don’t go over your mobile data limit.

For example, if you have a 500MB plan you could set the following alarms:

  • Alarm #1 for 250MB so that you know when you are half way through your usage
  • Alarm #2 450MB so that you would be notified when you’re almost at your plan limit
The Daily Alarm will let you know when you’ve used the configured amount each day.
4How can I find the 1st day of my billing cycle?
This is often printed on your bill or accessible by viewing your account online. If not, contact your service provider and they can help you out.
5How do I adjust my total data usage?
Use the ‘Data used’ feature in the Settings screen to set the total amount of data you’ve used so far. This feature is especially useful when you install the app partway through your plan cycle.
6What is the persistent notification?
The persistent notification conveniently shows your current usage in your notification tray. It also improves the accuracy of the app by making the app less likely to be killed by the OS when available memory is low.
7What is the My Data Map screen for?
If you enable Location–Based Usage, the map screen will show the locations where you’ve been using your data.

Please note Google Services must be installed and enabled for this feature to work.
8I just started my plan cycle, but my forecast usage is really high. Why is that?
Your forecast usage is based off your average usage over the past few days. If you used a lot of data near the end of your previous plan cycle, then your forecast is calculated assuming that your heavy data use may continue. If you stay within your daily budget for several days in a row, then your forecast should dip back below your plan limit.
9My carrier shows that I used more or less data than what My Data Manager shows. Why is that?
The most common reasons why this may occur are:
  1. Some carriers round up your usage, whereas the app counts without rounding.
  2. My Data Manager assumes that your plan rolls over at 12:00AM on your billing day.
  3. Your carrier could roll over at a different time, especially if they’re in another time zone.
  4. Your plan rollover hour may not be at 12AM. This is common when your carrier is located in another time zone. You can change your rollover hour from the plan settings screen.
  5. The app only sees what your phone can see. In all network communication there is some lost data that needs to be resent. If it took five attempts for data to reach your phone, your carrier may count the five attempts, but the app would only see the successful transfer.
  6. Your plan may allow unlimited usage for some apps, services, or web pages.
10I'm starting a new Pre–Paid plan. How do I start from zero usage?
When setting up the new plan’s starting date, use the “Now” button. This will start you off from the current minute, instead of including all data from the current hour.
11Does My Data Manager support multiple SIMs?
Yes, mobile and roaming usage will be tracked separately for each SIM. My Data Manager will automatically detect a SIM change.
12What is Streaming Media?
Media apps like YouTube and Slacker Radio use the operating system to stream video or music on their behalf. If My Data Manager can’t identify which app requested the media, the usage is tracked as Streaming Media.
13What is the red 'x' in the widget/persistent notification?
The ‘x’ indicates that mobile data has been disabled. It can be disabled for three reasons: My Data Manager disabled it because you set an alarm with the disable data option. You manually disabled data in the system settings. You’re using an app such as ‘Juice Defender’ that can disable your data.
14What is the '!' in the widget/persistent notification?
The ‘!’ indicates that you have a plan setup.
15How does roaming detection work?
The app detects if you are roaming based on the country that you’re in. If you’re using data in your home country, the data will be counted as mobile, if you’re using data outside your country it is counted as roaming.
16What is Opt out?
Opt-out allows you to remove yourself from any data collection related to anonymous mobile market research.
17How do I reset the app?
  1. When you set up your new pre-paid plan, tap “Now” after selecting “Starting Date”. This will reset the usage to 0 and your “Starting Date” to the current hour. Your usage history from your previous plan will be retained (along with your other settings).
  2. You can go to your Android Settings > Apps > My Data Manager, and tap “Clear data”. This will clear all your plan settings and usage history. The next time you launch the app, it will be equivalent to a new installation.
18Why is all the app usage showing up as "OS Services"?
If you're using a version of My Data Manager older than 7.3.0, please upgrade to the latest version, which fixes a known issue with app usage tracking on the latest versions of Android. If you're already on version 7.3.0 or later, then please check to make sure that your device is set to the correct time. If you manually change the clock on your device, My Data Manager will not be able to fetch and display your app usage correctly.
19I have a question not mentioned here, or a suggestion on how to improve the app.
We would love to hear from you! The best way to contact us is to use the Feedback button in the app. This will include system and app version details so that we can help you more easily.

Alternatively, you can email us directly at