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July 21, 2016

Meet the makers of My Data Manager: Welcome to our blog!

 A champion to help you save on your mobile plan

Hi, we’re the team behind My Data Manager. We’ll be posting resources to help you take back control of your mobile data and save money on your phone bill. Since 2011, My Data Manager has helped millions of consumers to stop worrying about data plan limits and getting hit with high phone bills. We know the world of mobile plans and extra fees can be confusing and frustrating, but our mission is to be your champion for mobile savings and defend against unnecessary costs.

My Data Managers provides you with real–time monitoring of data usage on mobile, Wi-Fi, and roaming. It enables you to maximize your data and get the most out of your plan. It also spots the (sneaky!) apps that hog most of your data. It’s a tool especially helpful for families on a budget, as it can track data usage for everyone on a shared plan as well as across multiple devices. Other cost-savvy consumers will be pleased to know that My Data Manager can be set up with custom usage alarms to alert you when you’re dangerously close to reaching your data limit. Want to check out if you’re on the right data plan for your needs? We’ve got that covered, too. You can easily check out your historical data consumption levels to see what you actually use .

Stay Tuned: We’ll help you regain control over your phone bill

We’ll regularly share helpful tips and tricks, interesting industry news, other great apps, and the latest updates on My Data Manager to help you save data and get the most out of your plan. Be sure to check back soon, and share a couple of your best tips on maximizing your data plans below!