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Save Money And Do More with your Data Plan

  • Track your data usage across mobile, roaming, and wi-fi networks
  • NEW: Track data usage across all users of your shared or family plan
  • Identify what apps are consuming the most data on your Android device
  • Know your limit and don’t spend more than your plan
  • Use with major operators around the world including AT&T, China Mobile, Telefonica, Verizon, Vodafone and more
Save Money and Do More with My Data Manager by Mobidia


“My Data Manager provides alarms to notify you about your data consumption and lets you limit mobile data usage via the device settings.”



“Install a free app called My Data Manager, it tracks…which apps are using the most cellular data.” David Pogue

The Wall Street Journal

“Use Wi-Fi wherever possible and get My Data Manager to track your data usage.”

New York Times

“My Data Manager has nice features, such as one for setting an alarm to let you know when you’ve reached your daily budget. It also lets you track data use on shared or family plans so you can tell who’s been using the most data.”

USA Today

“The first step involves getting a handle on how much data you automatically consume. Most people don’t know. Try using My Data Manager.”

Android Headlines

“My Data Manager does a great job at keeping track of everything so you can stay under your limit. It is pretty amazing and definitely a great tool”

Talk Android

“My Data Manager is an extremely robust application that gives you a handful of ways to track your data usage… My Data Manager is hard to beat.”


“The alarm function is very usefully and can actually save you money.”

Avoid Overage and Roaming Fees with My Data Manager by Mobidia

Avoid Overage and Roaming Fees

  • Set alerts to notify you before going over your data budget
  • Use Android widgets to quickly view your current plan status
  • Shut data automatically after consuming 80% of your plan

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Don’t spend more than you have to on Mobile Data

  • Check your usage history to ensure you are on the right plan
  • Set alerts to notify you before going over your data budget
  • Use Android widgets to quickly view your current plan status

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